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Expert Electrical Panel Repairs, Installations & Upgrades in Long Island

With technology continuing to evolve and more and more people adding modern appliances and security devices to their properties, it is critical to ensure that your electrical panel can keep up. If your home is older or is undergoing a home remodel or expansions, it might be time to call an electrical panel upgrade electrician for upgrades.

Our electrical panel contractors at Electron NY offer affordable services, work with your schedule, and always perform our new electrical panel installations diligently and up to code. Contact us at (631) 905-9714 to schedule an appointment today for your electrical panel upgrade with our experienced experts

Serving Homeowners and Businesses With Efficient and Safe Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

As your local electrical panel upgrade experts, you can count on Electron NY to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that we install your electrical panel upgrades securely and smoothly. When it comes to electrical panel upgrades and general electrical services in Long Island, there is no better company to contact than Electron NY!

Our trusted electrical panel replacement and repair specialists only use the most advanced techniques and technologies to diagnose issues accurately and provide durable, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

Understanding Your Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel (a.k.a. breaker panel) functions like the switchboard for all the power in the house. Inside it, you’ll find all your home’s breaker switches for the electricity that goes to the various outlets, lights, appliances, and other electric devices throughout the house. Besides the individual breakers, you’ll also find a main circuit breaker that controls the electricity to the entire house. Most homes usually have one electrical panel, though some may have subpanels, especially homes with multiple living units.

When Should You Replace or Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

With decades of combined industry-leading experience, we have seen—and solved—virtually every electrical issue. We’ll start every service with a thorough inspection to accurately diagnose the problem and then give you several solutions so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your property’s electrical panels.

Some of the signs that your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced include the following:

  • Your breakers are tripping regularly
  • Consistently flickering lights
  • Old or outdated electrical panel
  • Your Electrical Panel is Rusted or Broken
  • Crackling noises from your panel
  • Not Enough Outlets
  • Your home was built before 1960
  • You See Sparks When Plugging Things In
  • Overheating conductors
  • Your appliances are not running at full power

If you have noticed any of these signs, it is time to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and experienced electricians at Electron NY.

» Replacement or Upgrade

Sometimes we can replace or repair individual breakers in the panel. Other times there is a replacement needed without really upgrading the system. This could be because of damaged wires, water getting into the box, or even rodent excrement. Other times you need an upgrade entirely to handle your electricity requirements. If that’s the case, we are here to help! Our experts are licensed and trained to handle electrical panel installations and upgrades with no issues.

Whether you need help upgrading a fuse box or service panel or for more capacity or safety, you can rely on the experts at Electron NY to use the highest quality components and provide our customers with excellent service. Quit looking up “electrical panel upgrade near me” and contact Electron NY today! We look forward to discussing your electrical service panel upgrades and replacement in Long Island.

Expert Electrical Panel Repairs, Installations & Upgrades in Long Island

How Much Does Upgrading an Electrical Panel Cost?

So, what should upgrading an electrical panel in Long Island cost? The cost of updating an electrical panel depends on the number of amps passing through it. For example, getting a new 100-amp board can cost as low as $500, while upgrading an electrical panel to a 400-amp unit can set you back as much as $4,000.

However, don’t let the cost of electrical panel installation deter you. Protecting your home and family from severe electrical malfunctions is good for your peace of mind. Contact Electron NY at (631) 905-9714 for us to provide you the right estimate for your electrical panel upgrade.

Benefits to Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you protect your home and yourself from electrical hazards and enjoy the resulting benefits. Some of the benefits to upgrading your electrical panel include the following:

» Increased Power

Increasing the power in your electrical panel can help support all the power demands of your Long Island home.

» Increased Safety

Upgrading your electrical panel is essential to protecting your family and maintaining a safe environment at home.

» An Energy-Efficient Home

An electrical panel upgrade can be a great way to make your home more energy efficient. Taking time to complete this vital task pays off in electrical savings and peace of mind.

» Lower Maintenance Costs

Upgrading your electrical panel is an incredible way to reduce long-term maintenance costs, as you’ll benefit from an increase in electrical capacity and proper functioning of electrical appliances.

» The Potential for Lower Insurance Premiums

Investing in electrical panel upgrades is an excellent decision as it provides electrical safety and security, which could result in significantly lower insurance premiums.

Electron NY provides top-notch service when it comes to electrical panels upgrades in Long Island. Contact us today for superior service from our experienced electricians!

Importance of Hiring a Professional Electrician for Your Electrical Panel Upgrade

Ready to upgrade your electrical panel? When you work with a professional Long Island electrician, they can inspect your system and make recommendations based on your home’s size, usage, and budget. A professional also has the necessary training and expertise to do the job right the first time without complications.

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